Pushed to purpose by Isaiah 58:12, Pastor Michael McWilliams has proven to be a man of tenacity, resolve, and vision. He is called of God and positioned by Him to impact the Kingdom. He has a sincere passion to help God’s people operate as designed…with Dominion!

A native of West Texas, Pastor McWilliams has been active in ministry for 20 years. He has served the church in numerous capacities on a local, district, jurisdictional and national level. His pastoral ministry began In October 2005 when he was appointed the Interim Pastor of the historic St. Andrew Church of God in Christ in Denton, Texas by the late Bishop J. Neul Haynes. Under his interim leadership, the St. Andrew Church experienced growth both naturally and spiritually. His practical teaching, Illustrative preaching style, attentive nature, and organizational skills added to the rich history of this church. One of the most prominent contributions was the development of the 5C Principle. The 5C Principle is a discipleship model given to Pastor McWilliams by God. It is a ministry tool used to bring the people of God into spiritual maturity and cultivate church health.

After four years of leading the St. Andrew Church of God in Christ, he and his wife, Lady Shanda McWilliams, hearing the voice of God founded Dominion Word Ministries. Nestled in the Southeast Denton community, Dominion Word is a family church that endeavors to bring the Kingdom to the Community by impacting all aspects of the lives of its members. Through Dominion Word and its ministries, Pastor McWilliams aggressively attempts to restore the people of God to their original intent, which is to be people of power, authority, and Influence, with faith that producing tangible results.

In addition to his many ministry obligations, Pastor McWilliams is an elementary school administrator.  Pastor McWilliams earned a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and a Masters in Educational Leadership from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. He has also completed the course work required for the Texas Superintendent Certification.

Pastor McWilliams and his wife of 25 years, Lady Shanda McWilliams, have two children, Kenan and Kennedy. Driven by purpose and positioned with the courage to “fix anything” (Is. 58:12 The Message Bible), He looks to the future with great optimism and expectation, realizing the best of his story is yet to be told.



Lady Shanda McWilliams is the co-founder of Dominion Word Ministries. Lady Mac, as she is affectionately called, possesses a passion for ministry that can only be surpassed by her love for God and His people. The third of four children born to Superintendent William and the late Missionary Bertha Kenan of Midland, Texas, Lady McWilliams is no stranger to ministry.

Her ministry has spanned over the past 20 years and she has reached countless lives through her work. Although she is a woman of elegance and grace, you will not find Lady McWilliams being a trophy that simply adorns her husband’s side; instead she is a vibrant and energetic helpmeet that epitomizes Proverbs 31. Lady McWilliams acknowledges that the call for her ministry is that of restoration. Nineteen years ago the Lord gave Isaiah 58:12 to Pastor and First Lady, “And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: though shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.” She believes now God is bringing that call to fruition!

On a daily basis in her secular profession, she allows her calm demeanor and expertise in curriculum and instruction to be a positive impact to children. She has served as an assistant principal for three years and takes advantage of the opportunity to plant seeds of love in the lives of young people each day. As a busy wife, proud mother of Kenan and Kennedy, daughter and community role model, Lady McWilliams manages to meet the challenges of serving in the kingdom with a smile and an open heart. As she embarks on the journey of ministry her sentiments are reflected in the words of Mordecai in Esther 4, "… thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this."


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