“I AM CALLED TO BE A MEMBER OF DOMINION! I love Dominion because the Spirit of the Lord rests there, the Ministry’s focus and foundation still promote Holiness and people of strong faith, love is exhibited and spoken, and we are exposed to servant-leadership. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT AT DOMINION AND EVERYONE GETS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CONTRIBUTE!”   ~  Miss. Jan Hall, Charter Member

Pastor Mac seems really cool, down to earth, and reliable on reaching his congregation and their families. A couple of times that really stand out to me is when he came out here to TULSA for my Grandfather’s funeral and also when I was facing some issues in my life, he stepped in and gave encouraging words! For that I am grateful"  ~Robert Seals, Partner in Ministry Tulsa, Oklahoma

I LOVE DOMINION because it’s like my family, I have no family in Texas. Also I love that Dominion is a praising church and I feel the freedom of the Spirit.   ~  Austin Tipton, Member 6 Years

“I LOVE DOMINION for the love, warmth, dedication, commitment, Dominion has always been affluent and has authority in everything they do. Their ability to turn downs into up is exceedingly strong. I go to Dominion because of the love, warmth, & attention I personally receive. With most churches it is hard to even get to your Pastor, our Pastor is always available to everyone. Since being at Dominion I have grown in many areas, I started with no ministry then I got into the music ministry, from the music ministry I went into the men’s ministry, after the men’s ministry, I went into the Sunday school ministry. Also with reading the bible and getting the Word from my Pastor and with help from members from time to time. Growth has become a major part of me.”  ~ Ronald Taylor, Charter Member

“My name is Jaymie and I’ve been at Dominion from day 1! I love my church and church family because I learn so much every time I go there and it helps me grow in the Word and my life just from having the support in everything I do”.  ~ Jaymie Tucker (11 years old), Charter Member

“I LOVE DOMINION because of the GOOD WORD my Pastor brings and the good people around me”.  ~  Cory Nichols, Member 6 Years

“I like Dominion because I learn more about God, I get to sing in the choir with everyone, and Pastor Mac makes me laugh and has fun with the kids.”  ~  Zacc Harris-Gulley (8 years old), Charter Member

“I’ve been at Dominion as a member for three years,  but my heart has been a member since Dominion’s inception. I love Dominion because Pastor and First Lady are REAL!!! They treat everyone the same!!!”  ~  Beverly Howard, Member 6 Years

“I have been at Dominion for 6 years and I have grown a lot, I was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost at Dominion. I love my Pastor and First Lady.  ~ Deacon Terry Winston, Charter Member

WE LOVE DOMINION! Elder Mac is a great Pastor. We know he seeks the Lord. Many times he will preach about a conversation that we had just had, we will look at each other like WHAT THE WORLD, we were just talking about that! Lady Mac is a great encouragement in ministry and a wonderful example of a wife and mother. Dominion will always be home to us, we courted here, got married here, and we’ve grown here. The Jones truly love Dominion!!!  ~  Amber, Member 8 Years|  Steven- Member 4 Years

“I love Dominion because we are a close family & our Leaders are so transparent. I’m there because that’s where the Lord told me to attend. I didn’t understand at first, but I trust GOD and His plan. I can be me and not who someone else wants me to be. I AM DOMINION”  ~  Mother Sandra Gulley, Charter Member

“I like Dominion because I like the people here and I like dance practice”.  ~  Aleah Hollins (6 years old), Charter Member

“I love Dominion for the anointed Pastor and First Lady for the love they show towards the Ministry and the members. I love Dominion for their Preaching and Teaching. I have been a member since the beginning.”  ~  Deacon Dwane Shavers, Charter Member